Founded in 1994, Yuntinic Resources, Inc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of
Yunnan Tin Co. Ltd. We offer high quality Tin
Metals and Tin Chemical
products in Asia, Europe, and North America. Our
products include ASTM
tandard Grade A tin, low lead and ultra high purity tin, four nine tin (Sn99.
99%), and five nine tin (Sn99.999%)
, as well as Organotin (Methyl tin
Stabilizer) and other
Inorganic tin Chemicals. In addition to our high quality
product offerings, we remains committed to providing exceptional customer
service and competitive pricing.

Our parent company Yunnan Tin Co., Ltd., is the largest tin producer in the
world, headquartered in
Kunming, China.  With over 130 years of
experience, all its products are made and processed under strict quality
control systems and  use world-class technologies. Yunnan Tin’s
management team is committed to delivering innovative, environmentally
friendly and high quality products to the market place.  Yunnan Tin is an
ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company.  Over several decades, the
“YT” brand has won many national and international awards and is well
known in domestic and international markets. The “YT” brand is also listed
on the London Metal Exchange.